Thermostatic elements can be found everywhere in your house !



Heat up each room in your house according to your needs !



Refresh the air in your house with precision.


​​​​​​​IN YOUR HOUSE !

You canot seem them, you may not know they are there, but thermostatic elements form an integral part of your daily life.

They are present in your bathroom taps, in the radiator controllers or in ventilation, and these small parts help you control the water temperature and the air quality in your house with precision.

Comfort, safety and savings. There are so many advantages to this technology that once you try them you cannot live without them.

Illustration of a thermostatic cartridge
Bathtub - Shower - Sink - Basin -


Are you tired of your shower suddenly going cold or burning your hands while washing the dishes ?

Install a thermostatic mixer tap and discover how to perfectly control the water temperature in your bathroom or kitchen.


Illustration of a thermostatic element
Radiator - Underfloor heating - Hot water heating system -


Radiator controllers, underfloor heating and hot water heating system, discover how the thermostatic technology helps you precisely control the temperature in each room of your house.


Illustration of a thermostatic element


Dust, household products, dust mites or similar insects, the air in our room is often more polluted than the outside air. Invisible, toxic particles could harm your health.

By using thermostatic ventilation, discover how you can refresh the air in your house, with precision.



Bathroom, kitchen, hall, or bedroom… with thermostatics choose peace of mind while doing all your everyday things.


No worries : YOU are in control of the temperature !
A relaxing shower at 38°C, a comfortable night at 19°C and clean air during the day, using thermostatic at home offers many benefits. Maximum comfort, absolute security and hence savings, allow thermostatic to take care of you.

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Reserach & Development

Your behaviour changes and Vernet adapts to your needs by continuously investing in Research & Development.

Our teams of engineers and technicians work each day to offer you better and more innovating solutions. Their achievements have been recognised for over 90 years since the company was founded in France. Vernet is now recognised as the leading manufacturer of thermostatic elements across the world.

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They like thermostatic

Photo of a witness

Aurélien O.

Thermostat radiator user

Savings and comfort

All my radiators are equipped with thermostat controllers. They are simple to use, the temperature is very precise. In winter, it’s amazing!

Photo of a witness

Élodie M.

Thermostat shower user

Beware of cheap products!

Thermostatics are great but if you don’t choose a cheap product. Proof, my 30€ mixer lasted only 6 months. I bought one which was a little more expensive and now, everything is fine.

Photo of a witness

Eric D.

Owner of two showers

A real difference!

Compared to my mixer in which the temperature doesn’t stop varying, I am happy with my thermostatic tap. The temperature is always the same, it’s really pleasant not to have to regulate the temperature all the time.

Photo of a witness

Sébastien B.

Heating Engineer, Paris

Proof !

I systematically install thermostatic radiators for the comfort of my clients and to help them save energy.

Photo of a witness

Lynn A.

Tenant, France

Great for heating

Nothing to do with the old electric convector at my parents home. With my thermostatic radiator heads, I always have the right temperature in my home.

Photo of a witness

Sindy G.

Mom has two children

The safety of my children

I can allow my children to take a shower in safety. I know that with our thermostatic mixer, they cannot burn themselves.

Photo of a witness

Sophie B.

Tenant, Île-de-France

The pleasure of taking a shower

With my new thermostat mixer, taking a shower is now a pure moment of joy. The water is always at the right temperature.

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