Thermostatic is THE technology which is used to maintain a specific temperature.
This is called thermostatic regulation.

It has many applications. In the bathroom and in the kitchen, the thermostatic technology is in-built in the mixer tap to obtain water at a temperature that you have chosen. In the heating system, it is present in the radiator controller or in the underfloor heating valve in order to provide heating to your house as per your needs, room by room. In the ventilation system, the VMC thermostat refreshes the air inside your house. Isn’t this technology an undeniable advantage ?

The undeniable asset of this technology ?


Sanitation, heating or ventilation, there are many applications which use thermostatic technology. Comfort, security and savings, the thermostat allows you to be comfortable at home while making savings on water and power bills.

Thermostatic mixer and radiator tap, discover how the thermostat is part of the daily life of this family, in the video below.


At the core of each thermostatic product, there is a small part which is called the thermostatic element.

Inside this element, there is wax based paste. When this paste is heated, it expands and grows larger, and it pushes the metal rod of the element (the piston). This movement is the basis of operation of the applications. It will be used to adjust the inlet of hot and cold water, or hot and cold air.

The thermostatic element is in fact a smart thermometer, which is independent and very precise. It analyses its environment without you asking it to do it, in order to ensure that you have the temperature that you want.

Illustration of thermostatic elements


Comfort picto

Simple, quick and precise selection of temperature.
Temperature stability during its entire usage.

Burn picto

Impossible to burn oneself with the thermostatic mixer, due to the temperature limiter button, which automatically cuts the inflow of hot water on a cold body. 

Picto savings

Make savings on water and power. Consume less water because the change of temperature is quick.
No wastage, heat your house as per your needs.


For more than 90 years, Vernet has been manufacturing and selling thermostatic elements for all types of products, mixers, radiators, underfloor heating …

Creator of wax based thermostatic elements, our experience and know-how enable us to work with the biggest brands, all over the world.

Photo of a Vernet production line

They like thermostatic

Photo of a witness

Aurélien O.

Thermostat radiator user

Savings and comfort

All my radiators are equipped with thermostat controllers. They are simple to use, the temperature is very precise. In winter, it’s amazing!

Photo of a witness

Élodie M.

Thermostat shower user

Beware of cheap products!

Thermostatics are great but if you don’t choose a cheap product. Proof, my 30€ mixer lasted only 6 months. I bought one which was a little more expensive and now, everything is fine.

Photo of a witness

Lynn A.

Tenant, France

Great for heating

Nothing to do with the old electric convector at my parents home. With my thermostatic radiator heads, I always have the right temperature in my home.

Photo of a witness

Eric D.

Owner of two showers

A real difference!

Compared to my mixer in which the temperature doesn’t stop varying, I am happy with my thermostatic tap. The temperature is always the same, it’s really pleasant not to have to regulate the temperature all the time.

Photo of a witness

Sébastien B.

Heating Engineer, Paris

Proof !

I systematically install thermostatic radiators for the comfort of my clients and to help them save energy.

Photo of a witness

Sindy G.

Mom has two children

The safety of my children

I can allow my children to take a shower in safety. I know that with our thermostatic mixer, they cannot burn themselves.

Photo of a witness

Sophie B.

Tenant, Île-de-France

The pleasure of taking a shower

With my new thermostat mixer, taking a shower is now a pure moment of joy. The water is always at the right temperature.

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