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Household products, dust mites, humidity or bad smells, the air that you breathe at home is often more polluted than the air outside.

In order to avoid any health risk and any risk to your home, it is therefore necessary to refresh the air.  Opening the windows is a good step, but this is not enough. You generally have a ventilation system or air vents at home. They serve a basic purpose,  they extract polluted air from inside your home to reject it outside and introduce air from outside. However, these products do not offer the option to adjust the air pressure and its temperature.

Still not very well known by the general public, the thermostatic technology enables you to efficiently refresh the air at home without worrying about it !  

Insulation and ventilation,
a vital combination !

Our homes are now increasingly insulated so they heat up as quickly as possible whilst consuming as little energy as possible. Keep the heat in winter and freshness in summer. The issue is that if a home is too insulated, it prevents the air from correctly circulating and from being refreshed. This stale air is particularly dangerous for people suffering from asthma or allergies, without taking into account the humidity which can cause mould to appear on your walls.

The ideal solution would therefore be to support thermal insulation at home with an efficient thermostatic ventilation system, which purifies the air inside while controlling the air pressure and the temperature.

The lungs of your home

Alternative to the conventional the air vents, the thermostatic ventilation system offer many possibilities to efficiently ventilate the inside of your home. 

For instance, when you are taking a shower, the humid and hot air will quickly spread across the room, leading to an unpleasant feeling of stuffiness. The thermostatic element will then capture the increase in temperature and will give the command to the installation to exhaust this hot air, to return to a pleasant temperature and a less humid atmosphere. Quick and efficient, no more mist on your bathroom mirror!

The thermostatic technology is adapted to your lifestyle and your needs. It works autonomously, without any electric supply, and it automatically adjusts the quantity of air to distribute.
Once installed, no adjustment is required.

Thermostatic ventilation


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Natural and autonomous operating, not requiring any regulating.

Picto savings

Possibility to refresh air without any power supply other than
ambient air.

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Healthy home and healthy lungs.

A technology already in use by professionals

Even though thermostatic ventilation is not yet well known in French homes, you must have experienced its benefits. It is often used in public buildings such as airports, shopping malls and maybe even at your workplace.

In these large areas, it is impossible to have the same installations as in your home. The air must be constantly refreshed. Our thermostatic solutions help direct the air flow. It’s a simple idea,  direct the air towards the ground or the roof depending on the season, this helps prevent unpleasant sensations or shivers.

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