If the heating is not managed adequately, it could lead to discomfort. It is vital to control heating especially as energy costs are increasing.

By using the thermostatic technology in radiator heads and in underfloor heating valves, you can be sure to accurately control the temperature in each room of your home. Control your consumption and make significant savings all whilst improving levels of comfort. 

Also think about making your hot water heating system secure by using different thermostatic installations connected to your boiler or your hot water tank.


How does it work ?

A controlled temperature

Easily identifiable because of its 1 to 5 levels, the thermostat radiator controller is used to maintain the selected temperature.

The wax based thermostatic element inside the controller will capture the temperature in the room, in real time. Its mission? To adjust the quantity of hot water required to circulate in your radiator. 

Is the sun shining and heating your day ? No need to reduce the heater temperature, the thermostatic element will give the command to the radiator and no longer allow the flow of hot water in the circuit. Night falls and cools down your room ? The thermostatic element senses and starts the flow of hot water again.

Illustration of the operation of the heating controller

For optimal comfort in each room

The thermostatic radiator works independently without requiring your intervention. It adapts to your lifestyle and works as per your desires. The temperature is controlled room by room, based on your real needs. In fact each room can be heated individually depending upon its use.

It is efficient and simple to use, this technology will facilitate your life.

Illustration of a thermostatic element


Picto savings
1. price

The products are very affordable for a guaranteed return on investment.

Simplicity icon
2. simplicity

Easy and quick to select the temperature. An installation within everyone’s reach.

Precision picto
3. autonomy

An accurate and stable temperature in all circumstances, without requiring your intervention.


Unlike the random setting of a classic radiator, the thermostatic radiator controller itself ensures an ideal temperature,the temperature that you have selected

What are its advantages, how to select one and at what price ? Discover our expert advice in detail and spend the winter with peace of mind.


Photo of a heating regulator


An alternative to wall mounted radiators, underfloor heating allows you to enjoy distributed & customised heat in your room.

Comfort and reduced energy waste, equipping your underfloor heating with a thermostatic regulation system is the best way to fully enjoy all the advantages of this mode of heating.

How does it work? How much does it cost? What are the good practices? Check our recommendations to cleverly heat your home.


Photo of a thermometer for the heated floor


What is the use of hot water coming out of your boiler at 80°C when you take a shower at 38°C ? In order to optimise and secure the operating of your mixers and your thermostat radiators, it is necessary to control the hot water heating system in your sanitation system and heating at the source.

Using thermostatic control in your boiler or in your hot water tank ensures an ideal hot water temperature, and you therefore avoid any disaster or over-consumption of energy due to overheating of the system.

Discover the solutions that the thermostat can offer you, in details.



Illustration of hot water production equipment
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