Thermostatic mixer tap
for dummies

The world of taps has a specific vocabulary, so it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Thanks to these few definitions, finally become unbeatable on
the thermostatic mixer tap !

Illustration of the operation of a thermostatic mixing valve

Economic button

Present on some thermostatic shower mixer taps , this stop offers a so-called “economical” water flow. By default, the water outlet is indeed limited to a certain flow (number of liters per minute) in order to save water. Just like the temperature safety stop, pressing and turning the economic knob allows you to get more water out of your mixer. The question is whether you really need it.

Safety stop

Small button located on the temperature handle. Pressing it turns the handle to increase the maximum temperature of the water. Most models have a stop at 38 ° C, but there are also some mixers that limit this temperature to 40 ° C.
Although it’s precence is not compulsory it is an indispensable element for
the safety of young children. 


Thermostatic cartridge

The thermostatic cartridge is the motor of your thermostatic mixer. integrated in the temperature handle it adjusts the flow of hot and cold water to ensure a stable mixed temperature, 38 ° C for example.

Cold body

Also known as “Cool Touch” or “Warm Body” according to the manufacturers, the technology “Cold Body” is a system that keeps the surface of the tap at a temperature to avoid any risk of burning on contact. Inside the mixer, the hot water is insulated so that it cannot heat the body of the valve
This option is especially recommended for young children. How to know if a mixer is equipped with this technology ? Small tip : if it is not marked on the packaging, you just have to check that the handle of temperature is on the left and not on the right.

Thermostatic element

The thermostatic element is to the thermostatic mix the same as the heart in your body. Hidden inside the thermostatic cartridge this small component acts as a small thermometer that measures the temperature of the water. If the mixed water temperature changes then it will react instantly and adjusts the thermostatic cartridge to re-adjust the hot and cold water flows.

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