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temperature precision at your fingertips

Winter is approaching and you're tired of not being able to efficiently control the temperature in your home ? It is sometimes too hot or too cold and you constantly have to readjust the knob in your radiator ? You would like to save energy and improve your comfort ? 

By using a thermostatically controlled radiator valve you combine the practical with the pleasant, heat up the room at the temperature you want, and save energy without compromising on your quality of life. 


Before, this family had old radiator heads in their house, and it was impossible for them to choose precisely the temperature of each room.

Earlier, this family had old radiator controllers installed in their house, and it was impossible for them to precisely set the temperature in each room. Since they installed the thermostat controllers, they don't have to do anything. Discover why they can't live without it any more, in the video! 


How to regulate the temperature of a thermostatically controlled radiator ?

The thermostatic controller (also called the thermostatic radiator valve) generally has 1 to 5 levels, from the coldest to the hottest, and a frost protection setting. Each number corresponds to a pre-defined temperature and helps you regulate the temperature in each room of your home according to your preferences. 

Did you know ?
Reducing the temperature in a room by 1°C helps reduce energy bills by 7% ! 

How to know if a thermostatic controller is compatible with my radiator ?

It is quite possible to replace all of your conventional radiator heads with thermostatic heads. Due to the standard valve sizes, most models are compatible. No specific plumbing skills are needed: install your new head directly by screwing or clipping it onto the body of your radiator valve.
In some older installations, it is sometimes necessary to buy an adapter or the complete valve and head kit. If in doubt before buying, do not hesitate to seek advice from a qualified person (your heating specialist or a specialized seller). Be reassured : there will be products to fit your application. 

Finally, in the case of a new construction, no question to always ask for thermostatic radiator valves that will allow you to significantly improve the performance of your home.

How to choose one ? 

All the wax-based thermostatic radiator head operate with the same principle. Once compatibility is guaranteed, it then depends on the design that you like. Please note that some features are not present on all the models : the anti-freeze function, the safety ring, the tamperproof ring or the stop option. Choose the brands renowned for the quality of their products.

Good to know, there should be a certification label on these products : EN215. It's a standard which guarantees the performance and the reliability of the thermostatic controllers.

Make sure that the products that you choose are certified especially if you are applying for state assisted funding.

How much do I need to spend to have an efficient thermostatic radiator head ? 

The thermostatic head is slightly more expensive than a conventional head, and certainly less expensive than an electronic or connected head. The thermostatic head is the best option to control your home  without spending too much money.

Think of this purchase as an investment, which will quickly be profitable thanks to the energy you will be saving.

However, be careful of the entry-level products which will certainly have a less precise thermostat and a limited lifespan. 

How to optimise the use of your thermostatic radiator head ?

For an optimum operation, it is essential that the ambient temperature is effectively measured. It should be possible for the air to freely circulate around your radiator, hence, avoid having any draught and do not install the radiator near a window or behind a curtain. We also recommend that you don't use any room thermostat in the same room as your radiator.

Settings :

- In winter, or if you are away for a long time, consider setting your radiator controller to frost protection. You will therefore prevent any frosting in your pipelines and having to pay energy bills for nothing.

- In summer, feel free to adjust your radiator controllers to 5 (or the hottest setting). This will help release pressure on the valve and extend the operating life of the controllers.


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Replacing manual taps with thermostat controllers could help reduce energy consumption up to 20 %. 

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Neither too hot, nor too cold. Enjoy an optimal temperature in each room of your home. 

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Autonomous, the radiator controller thermostat only provides heating when required, without any electric supply.