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Kitchen ThermostatIC Mixer


Have you ever burnt your hands while washing the dishes ? Are you sometimes tired of having to wait for hours to have hot water ?

 Less common than in the bathroom, the thermostatic mixer for sinks is however the only guarantee that you can have water at the correct temperature, whatever the external disturbances

It is a guarantee of comfort of use and of foolproof safety. Additionally, the kitchen thermostatic mixer takes care of our planet and your budget because the thermostat technology consumes a lot less water and energy. 


Have you ever burnt your hands while washing the dishes ? Are you sometimes tired of having to wait for hours to have hot water ?

With the single lever thermostatic mixer tap in your kitchen, discover how this family enjoys each moment in its kitchen. You don't have to be afraid of young children using the tap any more.

Thermostatic mixer or single lever thermostatic tap ?

There are two types of thermostatic taps for sinks : the mixer with two handles and the single lever with one which adjusts both the flow and the temperature.

The single lever tap is easy to use and limits the maximum temperature but only a thermostatic mixer can be used to adjust the water temperature at the accuracy of one degree. The choice of single lever thermostatic taps is limited because it is a recent technology, but demand is growing rapidly.

How to choose the kitchen thermostatic tap ? 

In addition to the brand,  design or finishing choose based on your preferences and your budget. There are different thermostatic options which can optimise your safety and comfort. The presence of a safety stop button which limits the temperature to 38 C or a push button to save water by limiting the flow..

Where to buy the kitchen thermostatic tap ? 

Our recommendation? Always purchase a product that has been tested and approved to a recognised thermostatic standard. Ask your supplier for the details.

Where to test the kitchen thermostatic tap ? 

There are many places which allow you to handle and test a thermostatic mixer. The DIY stores offer a wide choice.

Also consider going to physical and virtual showrooms, which are perfect to protect yourself in your kitchen. 

How much does an efficient kitchen thermostatic tap cost ? 

The extra money that you might spend to purchase a thermostatic mixer will be quickly repaid. The thermostat technology is in fact the technology which enables you to make maximum savings in terms of water and energy.

A tip. Do not be tempted to buy the lowest price mixer as you will probably soon need to replace it and you risk burning yourself if it is not well designed.


Radiator heads, solutions for heated floors or thermostatic mixing valves, Comap has a very varied set of products to thermostate all the rooms in your home.

Founded in 1928, the French company DELABIE is the European leader in sanitary equipment for public places and healthcare facilities.

Forerunner of the built-in faucet, Vola has an artisanal know-how recognized all over the world.

Refer to the list of brands With more than 40 years of experience, TRES GRIFERIAS is a Spanish company which offers a range of taps for the entire house.

Simple and refined design, high quality finishing, the Roca mixers offer very good value for money.

The excellent reputation of the German manufacturer is not random. Known for their reliability, the Hansgrohe thermostatic mixers are among the most appreciated in the market.

Founded in 1927, the French company Presto is a leader in the design and manufacturing of taps meant for sanitary installations in communities, health establishments and laboratories.

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