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The thermostatic mixer is the only tap which guarantees precision and stability of the water temperature in your entire bathroom. Take a shower at 38°C, relax in a bath at 40°C, or wash your hands at 30°C, YOU choose the ideal temperature. Say goodbye to sudden burning showers when someone flushes the toilet or starts the washing machine at home!
Concentrate on the essential : your well-being.

Comfort and security, save water and energy : to try the thermostatic is to adopt it. 


Are you tired of paying high water bills and are you worried about the risks of your children burning thermselves due to a hot water temperature which greatly varies? These parents have decided to install thermostatic mixers in their two bathrooms.

The temperature is controlled and consequently, they are saving water; discover in a video, why this family does not regret having chosen the thermostatic mixer tap ! 


Built-in or wall mounted shower ? 

These two thermostatic solutions provide the same performance but the sleek and discreet design of the built-in shower will require more installation and hence a higher budget.

More classic and more common, the shower fixed on the wall is easily installed and there is a larger range of mixers for such showers, particularly because of the standard dimension of 150 millimetres which separates the cold and hot water connections. 

How to choose a shower thermostatic mixer tap ? 

Not easy to choose from amongst all the models. There are options according to your budget annd desires in order to optimise  your safety and comfort : the safety button which limits the temperature at 38°C, the push-button to save water which limits the pressure, the cool unit which allows you to touch the mixer without burning yourself, and the design offered by the manufacturers' brands for thermostat taps.

Also make sure that the product is approved to a a thermostatic standard to ensure its guarantee of quality. Ask your installer or supplier for details.

Sindy G.

Mom has two children

The thermostatic tap is very easy to use. I was able to teach my children to shower on their own. Earlier, when my 5 year old daughter showered, I was always scared that she would burn herself. The temperature is pre-set to 38°C, and my daughter knows that she doesn't need to touch anything. No more stress!

Where to buy the shower thermostatic mixer tap ?

You can buy a shower thermostatic mixing valve from a DIY superstore or from specialised stores, from showrooms or directly online from the manufacturers' websites.

For more information, please check our brands page.

Our recommendation ? Test the thermostatic taps before buying one. 

Sophie B.

Tenant, Île-de-France

I was tired of my old mixer, the temperature in my shower was too random and I had to constantly adjust it. So, I decided to buy a thermostatic mixer from Bricorama. And contrary to what I thought, there are models which are very affordable. Now, taking a shower is a pure moment of relaxation: I set the temperature to 38°C and I am at peace, it doesn't change any more.

Where to test the thermostatic mixer tap ?

There are many places which allow you to use, compare and test the thermostatic mixing valve. The DIY stores often have large shelves with different taps. Showrooms are also an excellent place to know more about the product and to try it.

Touch it, turn the knobs, check the options available… be curious !

Eric D.

Owner of a built-in shower

I have a thermostatic mixer for my built-in shower and a classic mixer tap in my second bathroom. I assure you that taking a shower with thermostatic mixer is a lot more pleasant: the water becomes hot faster and the temperature is very stable. I have two teenagers who love to spend hours under the shower, in addition to comfort, it helps me save significant water!  After more than 12 years, my mixer just broke. I just had to replace the thermostat cartridge and it works as if it was brand new. 

How much does a thermostatic mixer tap cost ?

Contrary to popular belief, the price difference between a thermostatic mixer and a classic tap is very little. However, with the thermostatic, your water and energy bills will not be as high. You can find efficient mixers at a range of prices. The additional options, the design and the brand will make the difference in pricing.

Our recommendation ?
Avoid entry-level products which may have health risks (burning) and they often have a limited lifespan. 

Elodie M.

Propriétaire, Île-de-France

My friend bought me and installed there a little more than a year a thermostatic mixer only 30 €, persuaded to have made a good deal. Except that the mixer does not work anymore: I now have the choice between water too hot or too cold .... I advise you to find out before you buy: look at the reviews on the internet and prefer brands recognized for their reliability as Grohe. Conclusion, the thermostatic mixing valve is great but do not buy the first price if you do not want to be disappointed!



Relax and feel safe 

A bath requires a large volume of water. Controlling its temperature is therefore essential for your safety, and particularly the safety of your children. 

With the thermostatic mixer tap, have a bath at the temperature that you want, with an accuracy of one degree. It is absolutely impossible to burn yourself if you use thermostatic technology. In addition to the safety stop at 38C and the cool unit, hot water is automatically cut if your thermostatic mixing valve (whatever the model) detects the failure of the cold water supply.

How to choose ?

Depending on your installation, your budget and what you want, you have a choice between a bath/shower mixer or a bath mixer. There are also thermostatic options such as the safety stop, the cool body, the push-button to save water which increase safety and which makes daily life a lot more pleasant.

Two tips to best enjoy the comfort-safety compromise :
1. Check that the mixer does not excessively limit the maximum hot water temperature. Certain plumbing product manufacturers in fact limit this temperature to 45°C. As a result, once the water flows, it is not hot enough and it cools down too fast.

2. Opt for better water flow with volumes above 20 liters per minute : your bath will fill quicker. Also, bear in mind the water pressure and select a product accordingly.

Where to buy ?

You can of course directly visit a DIY store or a specialised store. But also consider going to a showroom, where it is easier to visualise a bathroom before making a decision !

If you are in a hurry and you already know which mixer you want, you can buy it directly online on the Internet websites of the manufacturers, resellers or DIY stores.

Would you like to know more? Refer to our brands pages. 

Where to test ? 

Before buying your dream mixer, visit the DIY stores or the showrooms to use and test the mixers.

Check that the knobs are easy to turn, obtain information about the different options available :
- safety stop
- push-button to save water
- cool body ...

How much does it cost ? 

You can find efficient thermostatic mixer at all prices. It is true that they are a little more expensive than the classic taps. But over time, the thermostat mixers will help you considerably reduce your water and energy consumption. It's easy on your budget, and for the planet.

Our recommendation ?
Avoid entry level products which may need to be replaced frequently or could even burn you. Also, purcahse products that have been approved to a thermosatic standard. Ask your installer or supplier to confirm.


Mechanical mixer or thermostatic mixer ?

Currently, most of the mixer taps on the washbasins are mechanical mixers. They allow you to adjust a flow of water to the desired temperature, but without great guarantee of stability of the mixed water temperature. 

Thermostatic mixer taps are the only ones to guarantee a constant mixed water temperature, whatever the supply pressure disturbances or the temperature variations of the network. Wash your hands safely!

How to choose a mixer tap for a sink ? 

There are two thermostat technologies available for a sink :

- the classic thermostatic mixer with two levers
- the single lever thermostatic mixer.

New in the market, the single lever mixer is used to regulate the pressure and the temperature of the water with only one lever. Not very well known yet, it is just now making its appearance in the shelves of the stores. In any case, do check that the product is approved to a thermostatic standard. Ask your installer or supplier for more details.

Where to buy a thermostatic mixer tap ? 

You can buy it from the DIY stores and from specialised stores, from showrooms, or directly online.

Our recommendation ?
Test the taps before buying to make sure that they meet your expectations.

Where to test a thermostatic mixer tap ? 

We recommend that you test the mixer before buying it. After all, it will be a very important object in your daily life !

A showroom is the ideal place to visualise a bathroom. However, specialised stores have a wide range of options.

How much does it cost  ?

You are not sure if you want to buy a thermostatic mixer because it costs more than a mechanical mixer ?

It's true, but the price difference is only a few Euros, which will quickly be profitable to you because you will be saving water and energy.

You can find efficient thermostat mixers at a range of prices, but we recommend that you avoid entry level products which may need to be replaced more frequently or could even burn you. Also, purcahse products that have been approved to a thermosatic standard. Ask your installer or supplier to confirm.


The big return of the  bidet

The bidet is making a comeback and has become an essential design element in your bathroom.

Ecological and economic, it is THE optimal solution for an impeccable intimate hygene. When installed with modern and quality taps the bidet is regarded as both more aesthetic and practical. Choosing to install a thermostatic mixer is the best way to optimise your comfort and to guarantee your safety. 

How to choose the bidet mixer ? 

There are three options: mixer, mechanical mixer or thermostatic mixer.

The thermostatic mixer alone allows you to precisely regulate and have stable water temperature. By using the safety stop at 38°C, there is no risk of burning oneself. You can choose based on your taste and your budget.

Where to buy a thermostatic mixer for bidet ? 

You can of course, buy a mixer directly on the Internet, particularly from the manufacturers Websites. We however recommend that you test the product before buying it. You can therefore visit physical showrooms.

More traditional, the DIY stores and the specialised stores remain a safe bet, where you can avail of a considerable range of choices.

Where to test a thermostatic mixer for bidet ? 

Go directly to the store with specialized signs and showrooms before making your purchase. This will help you choose the mixer of your dreams: available options, material, design ... It is often much easier to decide when you see and try the product.

How much does it cost ? 

The thermostatic mixer is a bit more expensive than a traditional faucet, but you will quickly realize that you have made the right choice. Firstly the price difference is only a small amount. Secondly, the thermostatic mixing valve will allow you to consume a lot less water, and thus considerably reduce your water and energy bills. 

There are efficient mixers at all prices, however, we advise you to avoid entry level products which may need to be replaced frequently or could even burn you. Also, purcahse products that have been approved to a thermosatic standard. Ask your installer or supplier to confirm.


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