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UNderfloor heating

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A customisable radiator under your feet 

Alternative to the wall radiator, the thermostatic underfloor heating is installed in more than 40% of the new houses in France. It is an attractive solution for heating your home, it is an excellent way of distributing heat. 

Equipping your underfloor heating with a thermostat water regulation system is a unique solution enabling you to regulate the thermal environment, room by room, at the desired temperature. 

How does it work ? 

The underfloor heating is made up of pipes, a room thermostat and a module. This module, called a collector or a manifold, is the place where the water inlet and outlet is managed. 

After being heated with the hot water heating system, the water is then distributed in different rooms of your house. In a classic non-thermostatic system, it was not possible to regulate the temperature, room by room. The water temperature was the same everywhere. It was therefore either too hot or too cold sometimes. 

The thermostatically controlled underfloor heating is the only way to accurately control the temperature in each room. Each circuit is equipped with an actuator (or servomotor) which uses the thermostatic technology to adjust the temperature circulating under your feet, in real time. If you regulate your room thermostats in the hall to 22°C, you will always have 22°C, whatever may be the temperature outside. 

How to use ? 

You have a classic hydraulic underfloor heating system and you would like to add a thermostat ? No worries. This operation must however be carried out by a specialist, who will replace your classic valves with thermostatic servomotors and install a room thermostat adapted to your new installation.

Ideally, one must choose the underfloor heating system at the time the house is being constructed, which will help you avoid having to carry out any additional work and incurring expenses, subsequently.

Talk to your builder and enjoy undeniable comfort as soon as you
move in!

Which hot water system is best for underfloor
heating ? 

The underfloor heating thermostat works with all types of hot water heating systems,  boilers, electric system, heat pump, gas or oil heating…

The condensing boiler and the heat pump work together perfectly with the underfloor heating because they work at a low temperature and are therefore more economical.

How to choose your thermostatic underfloor
heating ? 

Choosing a heating system for an underfloor heating requires you to consider a large number of parameters. There are the technical aspects of the installation, the regulatory aspects and of course, the cost of installation.

Call a specialist who will help you in this matter. With regard to the thermostatic option, manufacturers offer many solutions, and we recommend that you use the major brands in the field. 

How much does an thermostatically controlled underfloor heating cost ? 

The difference in price between a classic water underfloor heating and an underfloor heating thermostat is very small.

Investing in a thermostat is the best option to consume less energy and to have heat distributed evenly throughout your house.



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1. ITS intelligence

Temperature control in each room and operating autonomy. 

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Using thermostatic servomotors helps considerably reduce energy waste. 

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Installing a thermostatic is only a little more expensive than a classic installation, with a guaranteed return on investment.